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Woman stretching and summer skin health


Women exercising and talking about having glowing buff summer skin
It's mid summer and the heat, dry air and workouts have taken their toil on our skin.  Follow these basic steps before, during and after workouts to make sure that your skin stays glowing all year long.
  • Make sure to clean face so pores can sweat
  • Funk prep with NATURAL DEODORANT again so pores aren't blocked from sweating
  • Grab that water bottle!  Hydration is key to health and glowing skin


  • Avoid touching face because your pores are open and the chance of introducing bacteria and germs is higher
  • Make sure to have a clean towel to wipe down any equipment, or to soak in cold water if you become overheated 
  • Disinfect any workout gear 


  • Shower as quickly as you can to remove bacteria and sweat from the skin
  • Use a MILD OIL CLEANSER since the pores are still open from sweating
  • Don't rub the skin, or exfoliate still pores are closed
  • Dry thoroughly.  Skin conditions are common when sweat/water isn't cleaned off completely.
  • Apply moisturizer so the skin can replenish needed nutrients and hydrate


  • Make sure to cleanse and tone the skin after working out.  Cleaning rids the body of grime and bacteria that can cause damage in the skin cells.  Then remember to TONE the skin so the pH is brought back to normal.
  • Apply BODY BALM to needed areas that are prone to chaffing and have some great MUSCLE BALM for any muscle aches.  Applying necessary balms will help to restore those areas before your next workout.
  • SOAK YOUR FEET!  Oh my gosh our feet do so much and especially during the hot summer.  Feet take extra care to relieve swelling, funk, bacteria and aches.  Of course we love our FOOT SOAK which contains epsom salts, apple cider vinegar, menthol, coconut milk and needed essential oils to name just some of the ingredients that will make your feet thank us later. 

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