Extra skin care focus during winter workouts
Winter Workouts Means We Need to Focus on Extra Skin Care.


It’s that time again.  Cold.  Dry. Dark.  Now to get dressed for my run.  Snaaaaaag.  My feet and heels are so dry they’re snagging on my socks.  No matter how much lotion I put on, it doesn’t help.  Sound familiar?

Winter workouts are the perfect example of why the skin needs extra “care”.  Exercise is hard on the body but add in dry air and the cold temps and you have what feels like instant dry skin.  I teach exercise at the pool so we have chlorine on top of all that and I have some super dry feet during the winter months.


My feet are dry.  And I mean dry, cracked and always an issue.  So I created a foot scrub that had to do some serious work for actually helping severe dry feet.  Especially “winter feet”.  I found that regular body scrubs are rinsed off too quickly to really get deep into the thick skin like on the heels.  We needed something that stayed on the skin longer but was also still easy to remove…and still worked miracles!

We created our Foot Scrub not from an oil base like many body scrubs but instead from a body butter type of base.  This way, the ingredients have time to soak into the thicker heels and work from a deeper level. Next was the “scrubby” part.  This could be a tougher scrub again because the feet are not as sensitive like the rest of the body.  We chose a natural pumice because it was sourced naturally and because it was tough enough to penetrate the thick skin of the heels.

Body Systems Tea Tree + Mint Food Scrub. A dream for your heels.
Body Systems Tea Tree + Mint Foot Scrub.

Dry, cracked feet hurt.  It is seriously no fun when your socks snag on your dry skin.  So how to help even more?  The base has all the great stuff like Cocoa Butter, Aloe Vera, Mango Butter and Shea Butter. The 3 power butters as we call them.  Could there be more?  Yes! Medicinal plant helpers need to go in there.  The most powerful essential oils needed to go in our foot scrub in order to really help those tired feet.  We decided on Tea Tree, Peppermint, and Eucalyptus to really help add the antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal benefits to the areas that need it the most!


The best part of our Foot Scrub?  (Besides the fabulous butter blend and powerful essential oils?) You don’t have to wash off the product.  Nothing drives me more crazy, then “spa” treatments for home use that just add more work and stress to your already busy life.  Our Foot Scrub is so easy to use.  There’s no rinsing off!  What?  You heard it correctly.

Our favorite method is to first soak those tired feet in our awesome Foot Soak for 10-15 minutes.

Foot Soak naturally helps to sooth tired feet. With added menthol, apple cider vinegar, coconut milk and more to help provide deep conditioning.
Body Systems’ Foot Soak is a serious relief from common feet ailments.

This helps to soften the skin for better absorption of the scrub ingredients.  After soaking (which cools and softens the feet) pat the feet dry and then lather on the Foot Scrub.  Use a good thick layer because we want enough pumice to actual work into the dry skin.  For really rough heels, also use the Pumice Brush

Body Systems Pumice Brush is double sided for exfoliating different areas of the feet.
Body Systems’ Double sided Pumice Brush for multi-use.

with the scrub product to further remove the dry skin.  Now for the best part. Slip on some socks and go about your regular routine.  Yes that’s right.  Don’t rinse off the scrub.  We’re going to slip the feet into some thick socks so the product is able to have time to soak into the dry skin.  I love doing this right before bed and sleep with the socks/product on…I can’t do socks while I sleep so I’ll do this routine about an hour before bed.


Remove your socks the next morning (or an hour later) and you’ll see that the product has soaked into the skin and the pumice will slough off into the socks that can be washed like normal.  Easy, peasy lemon squeezy.

Now you know you don’t have to limit your winter workouts because your feet are feeling the dry, and wintery effects of the cold.  And there’s no reason to live with cracked feet.  Our easy-to-use foot care products can be added to your routine easily and effectively to make winter workouts a joy!  Well maybe not a joy all the time but these products will definitely bring your feet joy and get you back out there quicker and happier!


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