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The Winter weather is harsh.  Dry and cold air can do serious damage to your skin.  Prepare for the weather with layers for your skin.


You wouldn’t head out on a jog without proper shoes, right?  Or think about using an ill fitting swimsuit to do laps.  Prepping the skin for any adventure means that you’re ready and prepared.  Skin needs help to get going and be ready.  We like to say, “layers for your Winter skin” since it’s so much easier to be prepared than to fix sore, cracked skin after the damage is done.

At Body Systems we’re athletes making body and skin products that help everyone with active lifestyles be more prepared and ready to take on any challenge.  We’ve talked about the 4 main categories we focus on:  Prep, Compete, Recover and Pamper.  We want to talk a little more about Prepping the Skin especially right now with more severe cold and dry weather.


Many of us wake up early and get that workout done.  So what are your go-to things to do before your workout?  What if we told you to take a moment to consider your skin and mental “game” just after those essentials like athletic gear and fresh coffee.

Winter is not only cold but darker in the mornings so in steps our shower infusers. A burst of essential oils release in the shower steam for a bolt of aromatherapy that, depending on the blend can help ease congestion or wake you up.  Don’t fret, we have a great lavender blend for evenings when you need a restful sleep.

Shower infusers for essential oil aromatherapy for the shower. From Eucalyptus/Rosemary, to Citrus/Ginger to Lavender we've got you covered for relief.


Now to really prep the skin for the outdoors.  Post shower, you want to create a moisturized barrier that both locks in moisture and creates a protective layer from that harsh air.  Introducing our vegan Body Butter that’s paraben free and gluten free.  It’s a healthy and thick, but not greasy butter perfect when skin needs protection and extra deep moisture.

Thick vegan Body Butter is both paraben free and gluten free to impart deep moisture and a protective layer in harsh winter weather.


Now don’t forget your lips and face.  Our lips are thinner and more susceptible to drying out due to moisture from breathing. Keep extra lip balms in workout gear so you can apply multiple times if needed throughout your workout.  Even pool workouts need a good barrier layers on our skin to protect from the chlorine.  Try our wonderful line of natural lip balms  to help shield lips in dry weather without drying chemicals like alcohols or oil-based petroleum, your skin will be better prepared for any challenge with healthier lips. In 3 delicious flavors, you’ll find one or three you love to keep handy.

Natural lip balms without petroleum to protect the thin skin of the lips during winter workouts.

Please don’t forget your face in the winter.  Depending on your skin’s needs, you’ll need a great non-stripping cleanser and then thicker balm to protect the skin in super dry, cold air.  We suggest an oil cleanser that cleanses while nourishing and then a face specific balm to create a healthy shield.

We’ve created a Solid Oil Cleansing Stick that contains powerful light oils including Grape Seed Oil, Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Rose hip Seed Oil, and Borage Oil so skin is fed but not weighted down.  Can be left on the skin during the workout and washed off after but either way, your facial skin will not be stripped of it’s natural oils when heading out the door.


For long outdoor workouts, we recommend applying a thick facial balm to make sure the skin is protected.  We made a thick Carrot & Avocado Balm for just that purpose.  The rich beta carotene from carrots and the vitamin-packed avocado oil can be used on the face but also anywhere on the body that needs some extra care. I love to apply to the tops of my hands and also my heels…

Thick balm protects the entire body with vitamins and beta carotene

That’s a wrap on what layers your winter skin needs to prep for those cold, dry winter workouts.  Now you’re ready to workout without worrying about your skin becoming damaged in the process of getting healthy.

What is your main product you make sure to have in your pre-workout gear bag?

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