It’s definitely time to Get Muddy with our thick exfoliating cleansing mud is perfect for removing extra grime and sweat.  So stop using multiple products and start getting healthy skin the easier way.

Great for all skin types as it cleans while imparting moisturizing oils without stripping the skin’s natural oil layers.  This 3-STEP MULTI-PRODUCT starts as a CLEANSER that removes deep down grime and sweat, at the same time it EXFOLIATES the skin with clay and baking soda as you rub it into the skin.

Next up just leave on as a MASK for a few minutes to allow the great oils and clay to penetrate deeper into the skin to help soften, smooth and cleanse.

Final step is time for an easy rinse off. With wet finger tips, start to massage the mud into the skin and notice that the mud will emulsify into a great lathering foam making this easy and clean up. This final cleansing is great for massaging away impurities in the skin without causing any dryness.

Our freshly poured Facial Mud is a perfect 3-STEP Multiproduct that Cleanses, Exfoliates and Deep Cleansing Mask.
Fresh jars of Facial Mud were just poured and ready to ship to lucky customers!

Our Facial Mud is unscented so it’s great for sensitive skin, men and women and also for anyone just wanting an easy and clean system for the skin.



Our freshly poured Facial Mud is a perfect 3-STEP Multiproduct that Cleanses, Exfoliates and Deep Cleansing Mask.


Don’t just take our word for it, read how Pam R. loves our Mud and what she thinks!

Read about Pam's experience using our Facial Mud and why she recommends it.
Read more about Pam R’s experience using our Facial Mud!

“…Confession time. I’m 39 ½ years old and I have no skincare routine to speak of. I wear no makeup (seriously… I have lip balm…) and only wash my face in the shower. I have bought the serums and sheet masks and vitamin blah blahs to make my skin glow and plump and be less wrinkly. But I’ve come to a realization. I’m not gonna use that stuff. And it’s okay. I don’t have wrinkles to speak of (yet) except for between my oft furrowed brows. And when they come, I’m fine with them.  But you’re wearing a mask, Pam! Nope. I’m using @bodysystemsteri Facial Mud and I’m a fan. I also love her oil cleansing balm. I’ve been using the mud once a week and the oil cleansing balm in the shower. I love that my dry skin never feels dry and tight, and that it’s unscented. No sticky feeling after either. Just clean. No gross stuff in the ingredients list. And cleansing with oil hasn’t made my face oily at all. In fact, I haven’t gotten those annoying pimples where your nostril meets up with your cheek. I’m a big fan. Check them out! #bodysystemsbyteri #gettingoldergracefully “


We think Pam sums it up perfectly, don’t you?  Try it for yourself and we may just share your experience!

Pam R is a Big Fan of our Exfoliating Facial Mud.  Try it for yourself!

Body Systems’ Healthy + Active Apothecary brand is made for athletes by athletes to care for their skin naturally.  We promote healthy skin care so you can Prep, Compete, Recover and Pamper like a pro and get back to your challenge of choice stronger, and healthier.  Check out our full line of skin loving products.


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