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Body Systems' four product groups cover prep, competition, recovery and pampering. All things we need to get back out there.



Athletes are different.  Good or bad, they train to keep going and focus on their sport and they forget to put the same attention their skin as they do to their training program.  They don’t realize that not paying enough attention to their skin’s needs, they are hurting their skin while trying to be healthy and active. They often forget to take care of themselves (sound familiar Moms & Dads?) Today we’re telling you how to use our select products to give your skin the attention and workout routine it needs.

We’re developed 4 key areas of skincare needed to help you be healthier.  For athletes this means feeling better in recovery mode to get back to your physical training.  For everyone else that are active and wanting a truly healthy life, this means getting stronger and healthier to get back to any adventure even if that means running after kids, or being an office warrior and being healthy.

Big word: HEALTHY What does healthy really mean?  It really means that you are giving your body what it needs to excel.  Same for everyone no matter what challenges you face everyday.  You started to eat better.  You’re focusing on exercise and drinking water.  Have you thought about your skin’s health and how it contributes to how you feel?

The skin absorbs what ever you apply…in seconds.  Yes.  And where do you think it “goes to”? It’s absorbed into the skin cells and into your body as a whole.  So in seconds, your body is basically ingesting whatever ingredients you are using on your skin.

So nourish your skin properly.  None of the bad stuff like chemicals, toxins, parabens, sulfites, petroleum…you’ve stopped eating them but we need to also stop using them on our skin.

We at Body Systems believe in a healthy you no matter how active you are or what “sport” challenges you.  Your skin’s health also means your body’s health.  Are you being “healthy” but ignoring your skin’s needs? We’ve created 4 main groups so that you can focus on all aspects of your skin’s health.

Prep the skin means to prepare the skin and ready it for what you have planned.



You wouldn’t head out on a jog without proper shoes, right?  Or think about using an ill fitting swimsuit to do laps.  Prepping the skin for any adventure means that you’re ready and prepared.  Skin needs help to get going and be ready.  Like infusers that you throw into the shower for an aromatherapy wake up call

Shower infusers for essential oil aromatherapy for the shower. From Eucalyptus/Rosemary, to Citrus/Ginger to Lavender we've got you covered for relief.or natural lip balm to help shield lips in dry weather without petroleum, your skin will be better prepared for any challenge.


Making sure your skin is ready for whatever life throws at you or whatever your sport. Skin's ready so you can focus on bigger things.


Now what about actual competition time?  No matter your sport or activity of choice, make sure your skin is ready to get you through the competition so you aren’t thinking about dry lips, sore feet, under arm funk or anything else distracting you.  Check out our natural lip balmfoot care, and natural deodorant.

Natural deodorant to control that funk. With Essential Oils like citrus and tea tree we make ours without aluminum, baking soda or zinc.


as just some of the great products that’ll put your focus on your competition and not your skin care.


Give your skin what it needs to recover from workouts. Just like R.I.C.E. protocol for muscles, the skin needs extra attention to be ready for the next challenge.


Post workout is all about recovery.  Mental, and physical recovery in order to be ready for the next challenge/workout or competition.  Your skin is no different.  Know how great that shower feels after a big workout with the hot water, steam and mental release.  We’ve made several products that are very specific to taking care of the skin like our great new Facial Mud Exfoliating Cleanser that digs deep to scrub & clean away sweat, grime while moisturizing deep.  Easy to use:  Apply to dry face, rub in for exfoliation and then jump in that shower where it emulsifies into a light foam that’s easy to rinse.

Shower isn’t going to do it?  Then we’ve made several Mineral Bath Soaks

Great selection of Mineral Bath Soaks to nourish and let the skin/body recover.


that offer essential minerals and plant ingredients like Ginger, Coconut Milk and Avocado to re-nourish the skin. (Is re-nourish a word?  Well if it isn’t, it should be) Did you know that our extraordinary Ginger Mineral Soak has even been mentioned in the New York Times since it does such a great job with recovery?

Ginger Mustard Mineral Soak is our recovery weapon. Made with epsom salts, ginger, mustard, sea salts, and essential oils to help with releasing toxins, congestion and muscle recovery.

And a quick mention of our ever popular Post Workout Balm that has been a top seller for years and even used by participants at last years 29029 Everesting Events.  Made without parabens or petroleum and a true powerhouse.

Our line of Pampering skincare is all about self care like a rest day for your body.


We have rest days for a reason.  To give our body and minds a break to further recover and prepare for any next challenge.  The skin needs rest days too but it needs a little extra attention with what we call our pampering products.  Start off with any of our Organic Body Cleansers to cleanse the skin without stripping away needed nutrients.  Then use a Body Scrub to exfoliate dead skin and prepare the skin for our light vegan Body Lotion that soaks right in.  And don’t forget a great soak with any of our bath bombs which do not contain any SLS which can cause irritation.  No reason not to soak in minerals and gold!

Pamper the skin with needed salts, oils and ingredients like coconut, charcoal, citrus and gold!

Remember your skin has needs too.  No matter what your sport, job, daily life or adventure we have the 4 steps to healthy skin.  Create a healthy skin routine that complements and supports your active life.

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