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Why Your Skin Needs Calendula

Why Your Skin Needs Calendula

Dried Calendula petals
You probably love looking and admiring a beautiful garden filled with flowers.  Love how they look on the table or even held during a beautiful wedding.  But did you know that some pretty plants have some serious topical benefits that help your skin?  Calendula or golden marigold is just one of those beautiful flowers that do so much for the skin.  Join us as we discover the hidden talents of these golden petals.
So what exactly is Calendula? Pronounced kuh-len-juh-luh, the plant gets its name from the Latin word kalendae which means "new moon" or "start of the month".  It's believed that the flowers bloom only at the first of the month.  Interesting!  Calendula has been used internally for centuries but we're going to focus on the benefits to the skin's appearance and health.

1. Skin Inflammation
Most of the skin's "issues" are a result of some type of inflammation whether that's internally or at the skin level. Calendula flowers contain flavonoids, saponins, and triterpenoids which all give the plant/flower the super ability to help soothe the skin.  

2. Moisturizing and Gentle
Calendula extract is high in essential fatty acids which are those little miracles that nourish your skin by helping the skin cells absorb nutrients and hold onto water better.  Hence why calendula skin products help the skin appear more youthful, nourished and hydrated. 

3. Environmental Protection
The same elements like flavoinoids in the calendula plant that help soothe the skin are also working hard to fight against free radicals that can age the skin and increase sad skin.  

4. Healthier Skin
Calendula balms and extract has long been used in helping the skin recover from injuries.  This is why post birth and baby balms contain calendula.  This is the exact reason we use organic calendula petals in our Body's perfect in prevention and recovery from head to toes! Between helping fight inflammation, calendula offers benefits deep within the skin cells to help skin look healthier, and more youthful immediately.
Body Systems Lavender Body Balm closeup

5. More Than Balm
How else can you benefit from calendula?  We also put Calendula petals in our Foot Soak.  Your feet need extra care from the constant standing, exercise, working and more so we add it in the foot soak for soothing and restoring nutrients to the skin. 
Foot soak with calendula petals by Body Systems

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