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Why do I need to exfoliate more in the summer?

Why You Need to Exfoliate MORE in the Summer

Summer legs in the pool need Exfoliation


Another summer day at the pool and as I rub on more sunscreen...I think about how many times I've applied sunscreen and bug spray to realize that I haven't been exfoliating my skin near enough.  Why not?  At the end of the day I'm exhausted and just do a quick shower to get done. 
Sound familiar? 
Well folks that's not enough.  In the winter we can do 1-2 exfoliations on the skin and it's enough if we're not outside each day.  In the summer, we're applying extra sunscreen because we're outside everyday and maybe multiple times per day.  This is a good time to remind you to use mineral based healthy sunscreen and nothing with Benzene (look up the recalled sunscreens containing Benzene)
Much of these products are absorbed into the skin but any product, dead skin and sweat that is remaining needs to be exfoliated to allow the pores to be fully be cleansed. 
Summer is especially rough on the skin.  The heat and often dry air tends to make the skin shed more.  This means more skin cells that can remain and clog pores.  If the dead skin isn't removed through exfoliation, then new skin generation isn't going to take place.
There are some easy ways to exfoliate that won't require extra time in the evenings.  You can use a body scrub that will exfoliate PLUS moisture the underlying new skin at the same time.  OR you can use a body brush with your normal soap to do a quick full body exfoliation. 
Whatever you choose, make sure to be exfoliating the extra products you use in the summer time.  Your skin will have quicker skin cell turnover and reveal healthier, glowing skin all season long.

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