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No matter your workout challenge, make sure your Pre and Post Workout Skin Routine is Healthy


Admit it we are different in our skin needs.  Sometimes it’s more chaffed, dry, itchy and stinky and we need more.  We want our gym skincare to be just as healthy as our meal plans and workout schedules. We’ve got you covered and no matter what your workout is or challenge of choice, read more for hot tips on keeping your skin in the game and healthy at the gym. Let’s focus on keeping your skin healthy pre and post workout!


Recognize that sweat is great to cool your body and release those toxins but it’s not so great on your skin.  Bacteria in sweat naturally can aggrevate pre-existing conditions or make new blemishes appear.  Make sure to wash up well before and after your workout.  This will make sure that bacteria won’t have the chance to absorb and interact with your skin.

*Not just facial skin is prone to breakouts and irritations from sweat.  Pay extra attention to areas like the chest, back and pits that all have sensitive skin and get extra sweaty.


Cleaning and prepping the skin is a vital step to make sure your skin is able to sweat freely during the workout.  If pores are clogged or blocked, then sweat can’t release from the body and can cause a “backup” for the internal body. The body needs to release toxins and make sure that the lymph and circulatory systems are free to move about.


Use our Oil Cleansing Stick to gently remove make up and any of the day’s residue before hitting the gym or pool orGently cleanse delicate facial skin with our solid oil cleanser. Perfect non-spill option for any active person. running trails. We want pores clean and the skin able to “breathe” and be able to release sweat.  I’m always amazed how many women show up at the gym or to the pool with a full face of makeup.  Let your Pores Breathe Ladies!


Not emotional but moisturizing. Depending on your workout, you want to make sure that skin is protected from the elements or environment.  Weather can be extreme and/or dry so make sure to apply balm to lips and any exposed skin.  This will keep the weather from drying out your skin.

Natural lip balms without petroleum to protect the thin skin of the lips during winter workouts.Pool Workout?  If you leave the pool every time with dry, cracked skin you need to apply a layer of balm to those areas that bother you the most.  Balm (like our Lavender and Tamanu Oil Balm) is a “greasy” thick product that can be applied without fully absorbing quickly into the skin.  Just what you want here.  We want a barrier so the dry skin isn’t drying further or trying to absorb pool chemicals. Take a pre-shower, and then apply your balm. Note that you can use our Oil Cleansing Stick at this point too.  Just apply to those areas like knuckles, heels, elbows and face without rubbing in and rinsing off.


Showering also protects your skin from “soaking” in the pool water if your skin is already dry.  And did you know that a pre-shower also protects your hair? Apply a moisturizing hair butter or conditioner and put on a swim cap…conditioning treatment while you swim.



That was a great workout!  Head to the showers and don’t forget to take the time to properly care for skin postNaturally neutralize damaging chlorine with our Post Pool Spray. Great for the body and hair workout.  If you’re coming out of the pool, spray hair and body with the Post Pool Spray to neutralize chlorine residue.  Vitamin C naturally reacts with chlorine in a good way and deactivates it.  We’re busy testing our spray and it’ll launch the Spring 2020.  Want to be the first to be notified when it’s “live”?  Sign up for our VIP news here and we’ll give you the heads up.

Now before heading into that shower, grab that jar of Facial Mud and massage that all over the face and neck.  NOW jump into that shower like a boss, and using wet hands, Our Facial Mud Cleanser is a multi-tasking superstar. Cleans, Exfoliates and Mask.massage the mud into the skin and get that grime and sweat off.  Our great mud emulsifies (creates a slight foam/lotion) making it very easy to rinse.  The thick mud gets it’s fabulous-ness from baking soda, coconut oil, and clay that work deep into the skin to be tough on grime and sweat but gentle on the skin’s natural oils.

NOTE That this is going to be different for everyone because everyone has a different workout and different skin care needs.  But the essentials can do double and even triple duty and still give you everything you need to go from the office to your gym and back home again and not leave your skin crying out for help.


So you want to make sure the skin is clean before your sweat session.  A good oil based cleanser will not leave the skin dry and more sensitive to the elements.  Than after you want to stop the bacteria (chemicals and environments) from more damage by cleansing off sweat, grime and any chemicals.


I love to just use my Body Systems’ Shampoo Bar on hair and body because it’s easy and I’m fairly lazy after workouts.  Our Shampoo Bar is a multi-tasker by safely cleansing the hair with oils and butters and with a great combination of essential oils you know that you’re getting an aromatherapy treatment and cleanser in one.


Now that we’re all clean, you may need a quick extra body moisturizer especially in the winter months.  I love our Body Butter because it’s thick,  non-greasy and not heavily scented.


If heading back to the office, don’t forget those pits with our Natural Deodorant that uses enzymes to neutralize the funk without using any ingredients that cause pores to be blocked.  Blocking pores in the pits backs up the lymph system.


Push it a little hard?  Remember to use our Post Workout Balm on any muscles that need some extra cooling/heating to help with circulation.  Then you’ll be ready for your next challenge the next day!

Just a little extra attention pre and post workout, and your skin can be a part of your healthy workout routine and come out better than ever. Take along those essentials like our GO ESSENTIALS SET and keep in your bag, then you know where it’s at and no scrambling every time you’re heading out to your workout.  And don’t worry about spills, our great line of products are in solid form (except our cool Pool Spray) so that you can focus on your workout and not if your towel and bra are ending up with shampoo all over them.

Our GO Essentials Seet is everything you need for the gym in one cute package.


Now you know how to have HEALTHY PRE and POST WORKOUT SKIN!  Just a few essentials can take you to and from workouts and won’t sideline you with dry, itchy and damaged skin.


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