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Be A Charger

Be A Charger


Graphic of a person being recharged

Self Care + Caring = Charging Others

We are always talking about self-care and how we can't be present for others if we aren't recharged ourselves.  Today I just wanted to start the conversation about what it means to be "full" and being the person that recharges others.  

Of course if you are needing to recharge yourself, then step back and do that.  I ask you to come back after when you're ready to take recharging further.

The next step is being able to recharge others.  Being the person in life that gives that boost to others.  This is a gift but I think we can all work on this idea.

"my Mom was my recharger..."

Some of you know, that my sweet Mom passed away last month.  It's been terribly hard and some days are very hard.  I'll tell you why.  My Mom was my recharger.  She was the one that was able to recharge me no matter if it was in times of happiness or sorrow, she was my charger.  

Have you thought about that person in your life?  The one you turn to when you have something really great to share or even the one you need to share with when you are facing a difficulty? Some how those people always seem to fill you up.  You can't explain it but you know it.  You feel it.

Last month when my Mom passed, she had received a sweet card from one of her friends.  She talked about needing "her batteries recharged" and was missing my Mom.  You see, during COVID the nursing home where my Mom was living was on lockdown.  Actually still is.  My Mom had not seen any friends or family for over 3 months.  It was getting to her... Imagine not being able to leave your one room.  Like most elderly, not having internet so you can quickly communicate with loved ones.  Like my Mom, her friends were on one could visit each other.  I think this is one of the worst things that has happened.  Interaction with loved ones.  We take it for granted to live in a house, with internet and streaming devices all around us.  Those in nursing homes, and long term facilities are facing this COVID-19 alone.  They are not "connected" via internet like most of us.  They are lonely.  

Her friend explained how much she missed visiting with her.  And missed her so much.  Her friend said that my Mom was her charger and that she would get low and then know she needed to visit to recharge.

How you can "recharge" those around you?

I love that thought.  I want everyone to be charged full but when you are full, think about how you can "recharge" those around you.  I also think by lifting up others, we recharge our hearts.  That's my thoughts today.  

In loving memory of my "recharger", Mom Jackie. 

Teri and her Mom Jackie smiling

Thank you so much for reading.  I wanted to also let you know that my family and I are raising funds to buy Wheelchair Accessible Picnic Tables for my hometown of Madison, Minnesota.  We have been able to order 2 Tables in memory of my Mom but we want to keep the love going. 

Please donate or SHARE our fundraiser information with your family and friends.  If a group would like to donate together let me know so we can give shoutouts on social media.  Thank you, Teri

Recycled plastic picnic tables fundraiser in memory of Jackie Lange



  • Teri that was so beautifully said…we should cherish those that do recharge us. What a blessing to have your Mom as your recharger. My heart hurts for your loss. Cherish the memories and the good times…they will live with you forever. xoxo

    - Sandy
  • Teri, what a lovely tribute to your amazing “re-charging” mom. This is a great picture of the two of you. Your smile is so pretty, and she looks fabulous too. You look like her! These days surely are difficult for the elderly and anyone who is not able to use technology to stay connected and “charged.” I can imagine that your mom’s friend was missing her charging capabilities terribly, and I am so sorry that you are now missing them too. Please accept my condolences, I am so sorry for this heart breaking loss.

    - Donna Maria

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