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Pumice Brush with File

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Some of us are blessed with soft sweet feet (my husband) and some of us have to deal with dry, cracked skin that snags our socks. Winter time it's about impossible to get socks on when the heels are so cracked. This is why we created our great "FOOT 3-STEP FOOT SYSTEM" so we can stop walking around with our socks stuck to our dry skin.

I have to say, our 3-STEP FOOT SYSTEM is loved by those with naturally soft feet too because they usually deal with sweating and funky smell. I'm not sure what's worse; having feet that sweat but are soft or feet that are constantly cracked/dry.

Our great feet-specific line includes a SOAK, SCRUB and our PUMICE BRUSH. After soaking in our Mineral Foot Soak to soften and nourish the skin, use our PUMICE BRUSH to remove stubborn dry skin before using our Mint + Tea Tree Foot Scrub to help remove any dry thicker skin of the feet.

TO USE: After Soaking in the Foot Soak, use the brush side to clean and polish the toes while massaging nail beds. For those with already soft feet (darn you!) then the brush may be all you need to scrub dead skin and increase circulation in the feet. If you have dry skin, then use the pumice side to easily remove any remaining dead skin on the feet, usually the heels. Then follow with the Tea Tree Foot Scrub so the newly revealed skin can absorb the great moisturizers and essential oils to help both funky smells on smooth feet and lessen the dry skin developing on dry feet.

A convenient cord is attached to the handle to hang the brush up after each use to dry the brush and for easy storage.