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Yes We Also Started in the Kitchen

Yes We Also Started in the Kitchen

Hi Everyone!  It's the 2nd Day of our Birthday Week and today we're talking body scrubs.  This was also one of our earliest products that we made.  Our early scrubs were more basic but were originally created for our first wholesale customers including a large spa in Las Vegas.  As our business grew, I became known as the "Soap Lady" in our area even though hand milled soaps was just one of the many products we made.  

Business article in Rapid City Journal about our kitchen based company

In those early years we had TOO MANY scent options.  Oye, I think it was about 23 different fragrances we carried.  In my many years (18+) that is one of the main things I would have changed.  Too many options for all customers means you are carrying more labels, and more ingredients.  

Group body scrub picture throwback to 2002

Also notice the "tropical" theme we had back in the day?  Many of our spa customers wanted more and more island themed scents.  

Digging through our files we also found an early press release talking about our Margarita Body Scrub. 


Margarita Body Scrub throwback press release


Our Body Scrubs have been popular for all of our years.  We did change up the recipe about 12 years ago...keeping the same great ingredients but we created an emulsified version which incorporates the oils into the base.  Have you tried one of our scrubs?  Which one is your favorite?  Today's your chance to get all of our great scrubs at Throwback Pricing!  Hurry this won't be available tomorrow.

Throwback pricing on body scrubs $10

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