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Why is our new Retinol Serum a Bomb Diggity Star?

Why is our new Retinol Serum a Bomb Diggity Star?

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Retinol Serum with leaf shadows in the background


We want to help you age flawlessly and promote smooth, glowing skin.  Our serum is boosted with Bakuchiol and niacinamide for added skin support.  PLUS retinol is one of the most extensively researched and proven skincare ingredient on the market. 


Retinol has exfoliation properties, which besides keeping pores clean, it helps to slough away dead skin which dulls the skin's appearance.  With exfoliation, the skin can gain a fresher, more youthful looking, glowing complexion.


Many Retinol products are very strong, leaving skin irritated quickly without time to reap the benefits.  Our serum contains vegetable glycerin, which helps to calm the skin while boosting moisture levels.  The specific blend of ingredients makes our serum powerful yet gentle enough for even those with sensitive skin.


While Retinol is the star of our new serum, we add a small range of other ingredients that work together to boost the retinol's effects.  They work together like a multiple-faceted support team! 

Product highlights:

  1. Retinol and bakuchiol combine to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and help skin appear clear, balanced, and bright.

  2. Niacinamide helps skin tone appear even, and bright in addition to boosting the natural effects of retinol.

  3. Vegetable glycerin soothes skin while giving this serum a moisturizing, humectant boost.

Superstar ingredients:

  1. Retinol

  2. Bakuchiol

  3. Niacinamide

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