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Ways to Beat the Heat

Ways to Beat the Heat

Ways to Beat The Heat



Oh the sun has come out in full force!  

We spent May and June fighting rain, hail and cold within a week we're fighting drought and extreme heat. So how do you manage to stay healthy plus enjoy those favorite summer activities?

1) HYDRATION - Internal and external needs.  High temps mostly means sweating.  If you aren't sweating, please check in with your medical professional.  Sweating is the body's way to cool down and is a very good thing.  Make sure you view sweating as a good way for your body to effectively cool down.  

With sweating, your body is also releasing electrolytes which means we need to add those minerals back.  Either make your own mix of celtic/himalayan salt, baking soda, orange juice and coconut water or take in a ready post workout drink.

Also eat more water-dense foods like watermelon or strawberries!  Those will release water internally slowly with fiber.

Now lets take external hydration.  The skin will dry out quicker and dead skin will accumulation faster in the hotter weather.

Switch to a lighter lotion that has aloe vera which also aids in deeper moisture.  Use an exfoliator like body scrub or even a fruit peel that will slough off those dead skin cells so that your moisturizer can access your deeper skin levels. 

2) COOL DOWN - Easier said than done, right?  Use a large brim hat or umbrella when outside in the sun.  Find shade whenever you can and if you can't be shaded?  

Soak a bandana or neck scarf in cold water...then put around your neck or head.  I found this to be a life saver while golfing or camping.  I have a stretchy neck gaitor that I soak in ice cold water and keep on my neck.  

Use mint!  Peppermint lotion or Eucalyptus based products will "cool" the skin creating a cooling effect on the skin (and mind).  Another great idea is to use our Peppermint/Eucalyptus Shower Infuser for summer allergy relief and cooling relief in the shower!

Mint Eucalyptus Shower Infusers to cool your body and mind and give hot weather reliefMint/Eucalyptus Shower Infusers - Learn More

We created a Calming Toner Mist for just this.  Spray on during and after your activity to cleanse and cool down your face/neck. 

Calming Toner Mist to cleanse and cool the skin after workouts Refreshing Calming Mist - Learn MORE

3) PLAN ACTIVITIES FOR EARLY MORNING OR EVENING - Acknowledge that outdoor activities need to be re-evaluated and re-scheduled!  It's dangerous for everyone to be outside in full sun so change up your routine to times of the day when the sun is not full force.

4)  USE COLD WATER - Best thing right now is to use a cool shower or bath to start and end your day.  End of the day your internal body is overheated and a cool bath/soak will do wonders for sleep.

5) GIVE YOURSELF EXTRA CARE - Re-schedule events, take an evening cool shower or soak, use lighter aloe based skin products and take extra electrolytes!  


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