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The STORY of Body Systems

The STORY of Body Systems

It's our 18th Birthday this week and we're taking you on a little journey back to 2002.  Here's what was happening in Sept of the year we started Body Systems.

  • Sep 10 Switzerland, traditionally a neutral country, joins the United Nations
  • Sep 11 The Pentagon is rededicated after repairs are completed, exactly one year after the attack on the building.
  • Sep 22 54th Emmy Awards: The West Wing, Friends, Michael Chiklis and Allison Janney win.
  • Sep 23 The first public version of the web browser Mozilla Firefox ("Phoenix 0.1") is released
  • Avril Lavigne was singing about being "Complicated"

So how are we celebrating this week?  We'll be posting throwback photos each day and have a "THROWBACK PRODUCT PRICE". There may be even some fun tips, games and product info thrown in for fun.

In 2002 I was busy researching natural ingredients, testing out recipes, and teaching up to 11 fitness classes per week.  Looking through my "archives" (boxes of files) I found that our area was "finding" yoga and I was featured in our local paper about teaching Athletic Yoga Classes.  

Throwback to yoga classes 2002

About this time, my allergies were getting out of control.  I found that one of my triggers was fragrance and that included just about every commercial body product made.  I wanted to find more natural body products but couldn't find anything that wasn't full of perfume or just too strong.

As I researched healthier skin ingredients I realized how many products could be made without damaging chemicals.  Soon friends and family were interested in using natural body products so the 1st Web Site was born to get the word out. 

Body Systems Homepage 2002

Notice that the company name is Body Systems but I was experimenting with the products line name.  I think my official yoga classes were called Body Systems and I wanted a different name for the body products.  Elements Natural Products was a short lived "company" name...must have been a division of Body Systems!  Here it is.  The first homepage of our company.  And what about that first product?  Here's a shot of the peppermint lip balm 2002!

Original peppermint lip balm listing on our Body Systems web site

It's been such a journey going through old boxes, files and pictures.  It's just amazing how far a company can "go" except the basics are still there.  Using fresh, natural ingredients to create healthy body products.  

Throwback product pricing today is Lip Balm at $2.49

Today's Pricing Throwback is on our Lip Balm.  And not just our Peppermint Lip balm original product.  All of our Lip Balms are on SALE Today only.  (9/7/20) 

Check back tomorrow as we dive back into the archives and pick a new product feature!


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