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It's Day 3 of our Birthday Celebration!

It's Day 3 of our Birthday Celebration!

Picture of our soap display at our first festival booth
Looking through the archives and we found pictures of our soap display at our very first festival booth.  I remember that the temperatures were so hot, that our lotion bars were melting, along with us.  Then after the first day, a terrible rain storm wiped out the festival causing it to shut down 2 days early. 
Also notice the 23 different soap options we used to have.  When we first started there were so many great options for ingredients/options that we couldn't contain ourselves.  We've narrowed down our focus 18 years later.  
See below our web "page" listing all of the soaps.  What would you have tried back in 2002?
full listing on our 2002 web site of all 23 soap varieties
today's throwback pricing is on soap bars at $4.99 each


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