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Organic powdered avocado fruit used in our bath + body products

Avocados Are Not Just Fancy Toast Toppers

Skin and health benefits of avocados

 Pictured above is our organic avocado fruit powder used to make Coconut + Avocado Body Scrub this week.  We couldn't help but snap a picture.  Look at the beautiful color!

Tired about hearing about the Great Avocado?  Well these little fruits are packed with nutrients and healthy monounsaturated fatty acids that benefit so many body systems that you won't stop hearing about them any time soon.

Here at Body Systems, we LOVE avocados.  As an athlete and fitness professional, I have valued these power houses for a very long time.  I was singing their nutritional super powers for years because of their fat, fiber, nutrients and versatility!

Today I want to shine a spotlight on the avocado with a few reasons you need to be eating them and using them on your skin. We'll later explain why we use Organic Avocado fruit and oil in some of our best selling products.


First of all avocados are very dense in nutrients.  Which means you are receiving the most nutrients possible in a small serving.  For example, you may need to eat several cups of a particular vegetable to get enough nutrients.  Avocado is dense and a little goes a long way. 

HEART HEALTH - Avocados are great for overall heart health and maintaining the cardiovascular system. 

BLOOD SUGAR - High fat content helps to reduce blood sugar spikes when it's eaten with a meal.  

POTASSIUM - More potassium than bananas so if you have leg cramps keeping you awake at night, try some avocado!

BRAIN HEALTH - Our brain needs fat to function and focus making this great to add to lunch for that afternoon boost.

MUSCLE RECOVERY - Avocados contain all essential amino acids which are the foundation of protein.  What does this mean?  Our muscles need amino acids post workout in order to repair and recover.  

Avocados are very versatile and there are so many ways to enjoy their benefits.  From topping toast, using as a dip, blend as a dressing, replace the oil in brownies, or add to smoothies.  The options are endless and even for those that don't like the fruit, think about using the avocado oil for cooking or in baking.  


Now our other favorite use of avocados is in body products.  Here at Body Systems' we focus on healthy eating and using just as healthy ingredients in our skin care products.  One of our favorite things is avocado and we use fruit powder and oil.  There are great reasons we use avocado and just some of those are:

GLOWING SKIN - The skin absorbs anything you apply so using fresh, healthy ingredients are also going to be used internally from absorption. Our Coconut + Avocado Body Scrub has been a top seller for many years and you can see why!  

HYDRATION - The natural oil in avocado is rich and loaded with Vitamin E, Vitamin C that penetrate deep into skin layers to really hydrate within the cells.  These same vitamins help the skin protect from environmental free radicals. We add avocado oil to our Massage/Bath Oils, all of our Lotions and our best selling Carrot + Avocado Facial Balm.  The facial skin is thin and usually more sensitive making the use of avocado oil perfect for calming the face.  

SKIN APPEARANCE - Overall skin appearance can improve due to Lutein, Oleic Acid and Chlorophyll which all help with elasticity. Making it a superior oil for skin health.

MAGNESIUM - Did you know that avocados are also high in magnesium which helps relax muscles and handle stress.  We use the avocado fruit in our Coconut + Avocado Mineral Soak for a true stress buster.  Magnesium is also lost with physical activity so that's why it's so important to follow up a workout or day in the heat with electrolytes and a great mineral soak.  So many people don't like baths but you can also use our Mineral Bath as a foot soak.  You'll be amazed how your muscles become relaxed and feel so much relief post salty soak.  

Link to our Coconut + Avocado Mineral Soak shopping page

HAIR - One of the best and easiest hair conditioners is to mash up an avocado, add a little coconut oil and apply to wet hair.  Allow the hair to soak in that biotin, Vitamin E and Vitamin B. I love to do this especially in the summer months when my hair becomes so dry from pool chlorine and the sun. 

There it is folks.  Just SOME of the many benefits of eating avocados and also using them in your body products. 

How do you love to use avocados?  Post below and don't forget to sign up for our newsletter for more of the good news!



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