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Day 4 of our Birthday Week.

Day 4 of our Birthday Week.

It's the 4th Day of our Birthday Celebration week.  

Original Body Systems logo

Earlier this week you saw our first web site and homepage from 2002.  Our company name has always been Body Systems but those first few months we had "Elements Natural" associated with the product line.  By 2003 we converted everything to the Body Systems' name and I did find an original logo concept that incorporated too many words, and graphics!  But it was 2003... we did go on to just use that "b" for product labels but just like everything it evolves constantly into what we use today.

What else did I find in my throwback folders?  A brochure mock up with our product line and pricing on it.  Oh my how technology has also changed too! 


Body Systems 2002 pricelist


Looks like we had 2 options for lotion:  Island and Unscented.  I "think" the Island was a mango type of fragrance.  It's so amazing how we grow, isn't it?

Today we have lotions on our Birthday Feature at less than 2002 pricing.  Our current lotion is paraben free, and also vegan and in a bigger size tha 18 years ago.  8.5oz with 7 different scent options.  Get it while it's on sale today!

Body Systems lotions on sale today only

Body Systems lotion is on sale today for $15


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