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Not Your Regular Old Bath Anymore

Creating a new spin on "clean" has taken Body Systems Fresh & Natural Bath into a product line that includes fresh spa and bath toiletries.

July 29, 2004 -- Not your regular old bath anymore and we're happy that it's not. Remember baths as a kid? Mom would call you in and it meant stopping your play at the neighborhood mud hole and mostly it was your Mom's attempt to clean you up for bedtime. Now as an adult, you can have fizzing water, sugar scrubbing exfoliation and even a soap or two.

Now that has changed and in a luxurious & extremely self indulgent way. Body Systems Fresh & Natural Bath Company supplies spa treatments to exclusive resorts and spas all over the world, such as Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas and carries those same great spa treatments and bath products in personal sizes for anyone to indulge in the comfort of their bath.

Creating a new spin on "clean" has taken Body Systems into a product line that includes Shea Butter products, bath teas with convenient tea bags, soaps and other bathing toiletries. A fabulous find is their Bath Fizz which combines with bath water to fizz and create an aromatic and colorful moisturizing treatment that leaves your skin soft and slightly scented. 

Not into baths? That's ok some people prefer showers or simply don't have the time to take a bath. No worry here, because Body Systems creates some of the best body scrubs available today. With such product names as Margarita Lime, Cappuccino, and Green Tea you can exfoliate, moisturize, and create younger, silky skin almost immediately.

With spa and bath products from Body Systems, create a "clean" experience that changes how you view your bath. Whether you take a bath or take a shower, remember to kick up your experience with spa products from Body Systems. Think of your bathroom has having a whole new purpose than to just "get clean" and you'll definitely end up with better results and a new found purpose.

To view their web site, or to place an order go to or call their offices at 605-484-6742. Body Systems' products can be purchased by phone, at select spas & specialty locations or on their web site.

About Body Systems:
Established in January 2001, Body Systems produces spa products and bath products including soaps, lotions, masks, body scrubs, bath tea, and custom bulk products for in-house spa treatments. Body Systems Co.

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