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Ambassador Program

Do you love Body Systems' products?  Do you share our passion for using healthy ingredients to nourish the skin and prepare the body for active living? Would you like to join us in spreading the word about Body Systems and receive exclusive benefits along the way?  If so, apply below to become part of our Ambassador team.  We review new applications regularly, and we are looking to bring aboard a variety of diverse voices from all walks of life who share our vision and values.

  • Receive Body Systems product gifts 
  • Receive a Body Systems Ambassador discount code to use and share
  • Receive exclusive sales and promotions for ambassadors to use and share
  • Have the opportunity to be featured on our social media, website, and email newsletters
  • Find out early about new products
  • Receive opportunities to test new products
  • Provide feedback on new and existing products
  • Participate in chances to win prizes
  • Receive 10% commission on sales generated from your link 

  • Participate in fun, easy campaigns that we'll create for you
  • Share campaign discount codes with your friends, family, and audience
  • Create content (images, videos, reviews) about Body Systems
  • Share your feedback with us
  • Spread the word about Body Systems to others!

When we screen for Brand Ambassadors we look for people who share in our Brand values:  integrity, quality and health.  We want to see you engaging with your audience and using real stories.  Does this sound like you?

What we expect form our Brand Ambassadors:

  • High quality images and /or video
  • Frequent posting on your favorite social media platforms with a call to action to your personal coupon code or link
  • Engagement with our brand, with comments and reviews on our social media platforms and site.

Fill in the application below and the click "Submit" at the bottom.  We evaluate applications on a regular basis to expand our ambassador network with people who can authentically represent our brand.   


  • Talk about Body Systems' brand and products in person with family and friends or on social media platforms.
  • This is not a multi-level marketing program 
  • If you are accepted into our Ambassador Program, we will generate a link code that you share and you will track purchases made from your contacts.
  • This link can be shared in any way you want either online or in person.  We do ask taht you respect others and not spam with emails, newsletters or 3rd party companies.
  • We ship orders like normal to customers wnad your 10% commission will be paid to you via Paypal the end of the following month after the sale is made.
  • There's no maximum on commissions
  • We only ship within the continental United States.
  • Paypal account will be required to receive commissions
  • You are only allowed to use photos/graphics/video that you personally have created and are authorized to use.  No 3rd party downloads or stock photography may be used in promoting Body Systems