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Over the years we are always asked, "What is your most popular products? and "What should I order to create a good retail display?"

I think we've come up with the greatest of solutions!


Retail Packages are ready to go as complete sets of retail products that we've hand selected to complement any location. Excuse our initial lack of photos as we add them to the site and receive feedback as to what you want to see and what would make your life easier as a buyer for your location!

So now you can decide on a few of your main scents, how many products or packages you want, click and order. It's that simple. Even better? As a full package, all packages are 5% off the already low Wholesale price. So you are saving 55% off retail by going with a pre-done package bundle.

"How do I personalize my packages/order?"
Simple. You can choose the fragrances on the main products and then you can always add a few ala carte items from the main part of the site. So you can order the Basics' Package and then head over to the Balms section of the site and add a few Muscle Balms. Customize your add ons any way you want.

We are going to continue to add packages such as gift sets and also Holiday Products which will be available soon!