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1. Offer the client a warm herbal neck pillow, specialty drink like herbal tea or reading material. Add a scoop of Salt Soak to pedicure bowl and soak the client's feet for about five minutes.

2. If necessary, remove old polish with a Nourishing Remover. Apply a Natural Cuticle Eliminator, then trim and file the nails. Apply a Callus Eliminator and push back the cuticles. Use a small orange buffing block to remove any debris, and then smooth calluses with a disposable file.

3. Apply scrub from calf to toes, then gently massage into the skin. Rinse thoroughly and dry.

**Mix dry mask mix with desired liquid or fruit puree

4. Apply the Mask with a fan brush, covering the entire sole, ankle, and top of the foot, avoiding the nail area. As each foot is completed, wrap it in a hot, moist towel. Then place the foot in a plastic bag. Lightly twist and tuck the bag in at the top, and then place a bootie on the foot to keep in the warmth.

5. After 10 minutes, remove the Mask and apply moisturizing cream, butter, or lotion, giving a nice extended massage.

6. Cleanse the nails of any lotion or oil. Offer disposable flip-flops and apply Base Coat, two coats of the client's selected polish, and finish with Top Coat.